Longford Cycling and Racing Club welcomes new members at any stage of the year. The club caters for cyclist ranging from beginners, to intermediates and also cyclists with an interest in racing. To join the club, simply log onto Cycling Ireland and complete the registration with Cycling Ireland. Please make sure to select the club as Longford Cycling and Racing Club when registering and select an "introductory licence" (Leisure Cyclists will only require the basic introductory licence, the more elite cyclist with an interest in racing may select a race category licence). Registration with Cycling Ireland is required as Cycling Ireland ensures you are insured when cycling with the club. The total fee paid to Cycling Ireland covers both the Cycling Ireland Insurance Cover fee and also the Longford Cycling & Racing Club membership fee. (Cycling Ireland then re-imburses the club)

Club Members will also be required to assist with managing and co-ordinating some events throughout the year also.

Fees for 2018 are as follows:

Longford Cycling
And Racing Club Fee
Cycling Ireland Fee
Adult €20 Non Competition €50
U18 €10 Limitied Competition €80
U16 €5 Full Competition €135

More Information regarding licences can be found on the Cycling Ireland Membership Type page.

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