Longford Cycling and Racing Club currently run a leisure cyclist group and a race group. All groups are also captained by a senior member of the club. During the Spring time of the year, the emphasis is on allowing people to return to the club and re-build their fitness levels that may have been lost over the winter months. The club acheives this by planning a 25-30km loop / circuit close to the start / finish point and can be repeated by the relevant group once or twice based on their current levels of fitness. Anyone who can only manage one loop / circuit then has the opportunity to return home and anyone who wishes to complete a second loop / circuit has the opportunity to do so.

During the Summer / Autumn months, the club also cycles two evenings per week. The evening cycles may be of a shorter distance but the shorter distances allow cyclists to go with a faster group to further improve their fitness levels and to also cycle at a faster pace which may not initially be acheived with the Sunday morning club cycle.

During the Winter months, the club returns to Sunday only spins at similar paces to that as outlined for the Spring months. The club also runs turbo training sessions during the winter and spring months during the week. Turbo trainers are not provided by the club!!

The leisure cyclist group are also further sub-divided into two groups:
Beginners leisure cyclist group - This group is aimed at cyclists who are new to cycling and who's primary aim is to develop their fitness and strength levels. This group cycles at an average speed of approx 20-23kph over small distances of approx 25-30km.

Intermediate leisure cyclist group - This group is aimed at cyclists who are competent cyclists and have a reasonably good base level of fitness and strength. This group cycles at an average speed of approx 25-28kph over longer distances between 50-80km.

Race group - This group is aimed at cyclists who can easily cycle at 30kph and above and may want to improve their fitness and strength levels even further. This group cycles at an average speed of 35kph+ over similar distances to that of the Intermediate leisure group.

As part of each group, cycling etiquette such as Up and Over Rotation, hand signals, calling the road ahead, traffic management are practised, the club see's these as been critical areas that every member must practice to promote safety of the cyclist, other road users and to also ensure the group returns as a team.

Every club member should familiarise themselves with the Club Cycling Rules which promote these areas.

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