The following are the Club Rules which must be adhered to while on club Spins....

Leisure Group rules  (applies to both beginners & intermediate groups)
      • Will be captained. Designated captain on the day has the final say and must be obeyed.
      • Will cycle at an average speed of 25KPH for approx 50/60km. (20-23kph for beginners)
      • Will leave as a group and RETURN as a group.
      • Will initially be based on a 20/25km Loop which can be repeated. This will allow new/returning members to build up fitness and strength yet always be close to base in the event that weaker members become tired after 25km. Any of the fitter / stronger members upon completion of the 50/60kmspin are welcome to proceed and do some speed work ONLY at the very end of the spin when the newer members are returned back to base. Thiswill be extra km’s on top of the planned 50/60km. This will be decided before the group leave Halfords.
      • Everyone must rotate within the group. 2 minutes max is recommended at the front. If cycling into a head wind, this time can be reduced if needed by the cyclist.
      • If a cyclist feels they are becoming weak / tired in the group they can sit in at the back of the group until they return to base. Stronger members will rotate as per normal.
      • Drags / Hill Climbs – Speed can be reduced to approx 20KPH. Everyone must regroup at the top of the climb. Any stronger cyclist who reaches the top first can either wait at the top OR cycle back down to the bottom and repeat the climb & offer advice / guidance to anyone who may appear to be struggling (i.e. using the correct gear, cadence etc)
      • Punctures – In the event of a cyclist getting a puncture, 2/3 people will assist with the repair. Everyone else can proceed to cycle on for approx 10 mins and then turn around and cycle back to meet up with the group of 2/3 cyclists.               
                Race Group rules -
      • Will cycle at an average speed of 35KPH
      • Self Manageable Group
      • Anyone from the Leisure Cycling Group is welcome to cycle with the Race Group if they feel they are fit / strong enough to maintain the speed required to complete the spin. WARNING: if you get dropped you may be on your own back to base.
      • In the event that the Race Group cycle up behind the Leisure group, the Race Group must reduce speed to match that of the Leisure Group and sit at the back of the Leisure Group until it is safe for the entire Race Group to overtake the Leisure Group (i.e on a straight stretch of road with no oncoming traffic with a safe distance between Leisure Group and Race Group cyclists during the overtake).
      • Race group will also have the following 3 Options open to them on the Sunday morning:
        • Option 1 – Arrive on Sunday morning and decide on a separate route and speeds etc. 
        • Option 2 – Cycle out with the Leisure Cycling Group for a decided distance and then build up the speed and pull away from the Leisure group. The decided distance at which the group will pull away MUST be decided before the groups leave Halfords. This will allow everyone to be aware of the break away and prevent the leisure group from been dragged out / split up.
        • Option 3 – Cycle with the Leisure Cycling Group for the full duration of the spin however “Leisure Group Cycling Rules” must be obeyed.
Failure to obey the above rules may result in Club Exclusion.

                Road Safety -
      • Cycle 2 abreast where the road allows.
      • Cycle Single file where the road narrows or becomes continuously twisty. This is to allow cars to overtake in a safe manner etc.
      • Cars approaching from the back of the group should be called out with “Car Up” to notify the group that a car will be overtaking.
      • Cars approaching from the front of the group should be called out with “Car Down” to notify the group that a car is oncoming.
      • Potholes should be shouted out in good time and also pointed out to allow cyclists further back in the group to be aware that a pothole is coming and of its approx location on the road.
      • Cyclists should also use the relevant hand signals to notify the next cyclist of such obstacles.
      • Pedestrians / Parked Cars on the LHS of the road should be called out in good time to allow the group to move out towards the center or the road in sufficient time. Cyclists should also use the relevant hand signals to notify the next cyclist of such obstacles.
      • NEVER overlap your front wheel with the rear wheel of the cyclist in front of you.
      • BE SEEN Wear at least one item of clothing which is brightly colored when out cycling. This can be a Hi Vis Jacket / Jersey, a Jacket / Jersey with some Hi Vis or Reflective stripes or a bright colored helmet etc. Avoid dark colors if possible.
      • It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure they personally are visible to oncoming traffic!!!
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