LCRC Winter Training - October -> March

Sat spins 9.00am from Fresh Today - N4 Axis Center.
Sun spins 9.00am from Fresh Today - N4 Axis Center - Sunday spins will head out and return to town 1.5 hours into the spin to allow any returning members to readjust to been back on the bike, the additonal hour will then be made up of a loop decided on the morning itself. This should allow returning members to develop a 2.5hour endurance over a number of weeks.

Tues & Thurs spins 7.00pm from Fresh Today - N4 Axis Center.

All members are requested to have mudguards & lights during winter training months.

All sessions are heart rate based sessions, so it is highly recommended that you work out your own heart rate zones to benefit from these sessions and to progress with the group.

HR Zone Calculator

Please input your resting HR:
(Best calculated first thing in the morning)

Please input your Max HR:

Zone Lower Limit Upper Limit





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